MRR DROWNED LP review 2011
OUT ON A LIMB are a German band that play driving post punk. The singer has dry, spoken/sung approach and to me sounds like he has an English accent. In fact the music makes me think of late '70s or early '80s English post punk. A not-so-arty WIRE or the FALL perhaps with a touch of JOY DIVISION. The guitars have some good melodic leads and interplay. And in fact the last two numbers up the arty-ante a little with these long, slow dirges or by mixing up the dynamics and adding a little vocal effect. Worth checking out. Nice hand screened covers. (MD)

TRUST Review: OUT ON A LIMB - ‘Drowned’ LP
Out On A Limb sind eine fantastische Band aus Karl Marx Stadt, die nun endlich ihr erstes Album vorlegt. Ihr Sound ist Bass lastiger, etwas düsterer und vor allem schwer groovender Postpunk/Wave mit schön punkigem Gesang, klasse Texten und großartigen Melodien. Jeder Song ist wahnsinnig gut und so etwas als Debüt zu hören ist Zucker. Natürlich: so ein bisschen Wipers, Joy Division und andere typische Bands als große Vorbilder für einen solchen Sound zwinkern uns da jedenfalls zu - und, um eine aktuelle Band zu nennen, eben auch The Estranged. Atemberaubend GUT und ein Muss. (andreas)

RAZORCAKE- Review: OUT ON A LIMB - ‘Drowned’ LP
Out On A Limb are from Germany and play slightly-slower-than-mid-tempo post punk. The band claim Joy Division as an influence, which I hear a little bit, but the danceable drum parts remind me of the Cure for some reason. The feel of the record itself leans more towards bands like Heroin/Unwound/other early ‘90s Gravity Records offerings, but the post punk influences creep up and become a lot more apparent at times, which makes the listening experience more interesting. The vocals are clean and sort of just hint at melody, and fit in well with the music. I kept feeling that the vocals sounded a lot like another band I couldn’t place until I decided that the accent just reminded me a lot of the Peacocks. The production on the whole record is very subdued, which fits the sound, and the mixing is excellent.
–Ian Wise (Taken By Surprise)

MRR 320 January 2010
OUT ON A LIMB – „Drinking Spree“ EP It’s nine o’clock on a Thursday night, two of my favourite bands are playing across town, and I’d definitely rather be on a drinking spree than sitting here reviewing a record called „Drinking Spree“. Still, it could be worse; this is a solid little EP. Four songs of darkly melodic, catchy punk with elements of bands like the OBSERVERS, the ESTRANGED, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. The vocals have a great, detached quality while sharp yet simple guitar leads punctuate the verses. Good stuff. (Allan McNaughton)

RAZORCAKE- Self-titled: 7"
Moody punk rock with rock and roll guitar solos and blown-out vocals; all told a bit similar perhaps to the early Murder City Devils efforts. Not a bad outing. Nice lizard person artwork on the cover courtesy of Alex from the Hex Dispensers.
–Jeff Proctor (Destination Unknown, / Thrashbastard)